Humans of the ISM | Daniel Moody, M.M. ’16

What I like about the ISM is having the chance to collaborate with other people. The ISM colloquium project I did with Emilie [Casey] and Audrey [Fernandez-Fraser] was a highlight, because it was working with other people who had such different strengths and passions. I […]

Humans of the ISM | Oana Marian, M.Div. ’17

What is gratifying about being in the ISM is the intersection between academics and creative work. When I was an undergrad here at Yale, studying English and poetry, I sort of felt like a failed academic. I didn’t know what the options were, what else […]

Humans of the ISM | Michael Kurth, M.Div. ’18

‘I’ve been a singer for most of my life, singing in church choirs since I was eight years old. While still a part of my ministry, it’s not going to be my main role as a future Episcopal priest. There will be times I’ll have […]

Humans of the ISM | Xiao Situ, M.A.R. ’17

Working at the Yale University Art Gallery gave me the idea to apply to the ISM. Before that, I was just thinking of becoming an art historian or a professor in art history, but while working here at the gallery, I interacted with different kinds […]

Humans of the ISM | Kristian Kohler, M.Div. ’16

I grew up singing in church choirs. In high school, I was in a community chorus, and the director was also the organist at our church, and he ended up becoming my voice, piano and organ teacher. He really encouraged me to stay involved in […]

Humans of the ISM | Bethany Carlson, M.Div. ’16

In February of 2016, renowned journalist and poet Eliza Griswold spoke at the Whitney Humanities Center about her experience in reporting on women in Afghanistan, the Syrian refugee crisis, and persecution of Christians in Iraq under ISIS. She also discussed how her roles as poet […]

Humans of the ISM | Audrey Fernandez-Fraser and Patrick Murray

Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, M.Div 2016, comes to the ISM YDS from a multidisciplinary background that includes evolutionary biology, music composition, and singing. Her faith is influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism, Unitarian Universalism, and Mormonism. She is treasuring her time at YDS and the ISM, especially in daily prayer […]

What’s in a Personal Statement?

With less than one month to go before our Feb. 1st application deadline, I wanted to share a revised post from ISM alum and former Assistant Dean of Admissions at Yale Divinity School, Sean McAvoy (M.A.R. ’10), who takes readers through all of the necessary information you […]