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Humans of the ISM | Audrey Fernandez-Fraser and Patrick Murray

Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, M.Div 2016, comes to the ISM YDS from a multidisciplinary background that includes evolutionary biology, music composition, and singing. Her faith is influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism, Unitarian Universalism, and Mormonism. She is treasuring her time at YDS and the ISM, especially in daily prayer […]

Humans of the ISM | Toward a More Inclusive Yale

The Yale community has been having essential conversations, especially in recent weeks and months, about the need to increase and respect diversity and inclusion within our community and beyond.  You can read more about the actions Yale has taken, the actions it will take, and […]

Fall at the ISM

The fall semester is halfway over, and there’s been lots happening here at the ISM!  Below are some photos of concerts, events, classes, and other bits of ISM life captured by our trusty student reporters (and yours truly).  Enjoy!

Why we love New Haven

  Greetings, readers!  It’s hard to believe that  Spring Break is upon us, but indeed, the halls are quiet after a frenzied week of midterms and the like.  Between all the concerts, events, and conferences that took place during January and February (not to mention […]