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Humans of the ISM | Oana Marian, M.Div. ’17

What is gratifying about being in the ISM is the intersection between academics and creative work. When I was an undergrad here at Yale, studying English and poetry, I sort of felt like a failed academic. I didn’t know what the options were, what else […]

Humans of the ISM | Michael Kurth, M.Div. ’18

‘I’ve been a singer for most of my life, singing in church choirs since I was eight years old. While still a part of my ministry, it’s not going to be my main role as a future Episcopal priest. There will be times I’ll have […]

Humans of the ISM | Xiao Situ, M.A.R. ’17

Working at the Yale University Art Gallery gave me the idea to apply to the ISM. Before that, I was just thinking of becoming an art historian or a professor in art history, but while working here at the gallery, I interacted with different kinds […]

Humans of the ISM | Audrey Fernandez-Fraser and Patrick Murray

Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, M.Div 2016, comes to the ISM YDS from a multidisciplinary background that includes evolutionary biology, music composition, and singing. Her faith is influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism, Unitarian Universalism, and Mormonism. She is treasuring her time at YDS and the ISM, especially in daily prayer […]

Photo Essay | “Humans of the ISM”

If you’re a savvy internet user, you are undoubtedly familiar with the “Humans of New York” page on Facebook.  With its tagline “New York City, one story at a time,” the page weaves together personal narratives and moving photos to create a mosaic of the incredible diversity and humanity found […]

The Yale ISM Review

I wanted to make you aware of a project we’ve been working hard on over here at the ISM.  Feel free to check it out–it’s a great resource for congregations, ministers, and musicians alike!  We are pleased to present a new venture: The Yale ISM Review. Published […]

Fall at the ISM

The fall semester is halfway over, and there’s been lots happening here at the ISM!  Below are some photos of concerts, events, classes, and other bits of ISM life captured by our trusty student reporters (and yours truly).  Enjoy!

Alumni Profile | Deborah Patterson, M.Div. ’93

by Deborah Patterson, M.A.R. ’93   My time at the ISM was an alchemical moment in time when the elements of ideas, people, and place came together to produce a remarkable and magical experience.  Happily, this alchemy transformed my life as well.   Upon graduating […]