Humans of the ISM | Hannah Carr, M.M. ’17

Music, Student Life, Yale School of Music

One of the things I really like is the camaraderie within the ISM. Because there aren’t so many students you feel like you get to know people…especially within the ISM music school, you really get to know students within your discipline, something you don’t see in a lot of other schools.

In Schola, I find it exciting to see all the different conductors that come in internationally. We’ve had David Hill and Masaaki Suzuki, and I think that’s really exciting because you see how different conductors work with the same group of people, how they get different sounds out of them, and just create a different atmosphere. So from a conductor’s point of view, it’s a really great thing to see and learn from.

Teaching voice here is great! I taught voice quite a bit before coming to Yale, including teaching chorus in a high school in Boston….I find that by teaching someone, I also happen to learn myself.

Hannah Carr, M.M. ’17, choral conducting

Interview and photo by Tara Jamali, M.A.R. ’17.